Including mediation/problem solving recommendations and solutions.  It is not uncommon for parties to have disagreements on the location of a boundary line.  A competent Land Surveyor can act as a mediator to aid parties as they search for a remedy to their dilemma. 

Need to know what options you have?  Schedule a consultation with us and we’ll help you understand the options you have available and we’ll recommend a course of action, step by step.

Subdivisions, Plats, CIC’s and PUD’s:

There are many ways to subdivide a piece of land.  If you haven’t decided what is the best method for your unique parcel of land, we can help you decide.  If you’ve already decided what is best for you we can offer you our Professional Land Surveying services from field to finish.  As part of our services we will accompany or represent you at the various board meetings that are a necessary part of the subdivision process.

Traditional Boundary Surveying:

Boundary line determination, Boundary line marking, Boundary corner monumentation or location, location and notification of boundary line encroachment issues.

Variance Sketches and Application assistance:

Helping clients understand and work with local Government agencies is our specialty.  You tell us what you’re trying to accomplish and we’ll help you reach that goal.

Administrative Subdivision assistance:

In order to meet the requirements necessary for an administrative subdivision, a Registered Land Surveyor may need to prepare a Certificate of Survey.  We can aid you with the necessary steps of an administrative subdivision.  

Certificates of Survey:

When we perform a boundary survey and locate the improvements, wetlands, and water bodies on a piece of property we create a plat (drawing or map) from the gathered information and certify that the information on the Certificate of Survey is a true and accurate representation as determined by a Registered Land Surveyor.

Topographic Surveys:

Thinking about building your dream home, solve a water drainage problem, prevent a water drainage problem, or trying to design a tricky road?  A topographic survey may be just what you need.  A topographic survey involves the collection of horizontal and vertical data to produce contours on a map.  Most architects will require a topographic survey before they design the layout of a house so they can design the layout in the most effective and aesthetically pleasing manner and make sure that water drainage won’t be a problem.    


Have you ever thought how nice it would be to have a nice map of your property?  Deer stands, trails, wetlands, lakes, rivers, roads, driveways, houses/hunting shacks can all be located on your own personal map!  You can plan your land use a lot more effectively with a good map, whether it’s tree farming, deer hunting, ski trails, or trying to decide where to build your new house.


Based on construction plans, we can “site” your structure and stake the corners of your structure before you break ground.  In conjunction with a Certificate of Survey, this can be useful for many reasons.  You will be assured that your structure will meet setback requirements from boundary lines, water bodies, and bluffs.  You will also be assured that your structure is starting out “square”, we are often asked to return to the site to mark the foundation corners on the footings for this very reason.

Need a service that is not listed above?  Give us a call, there is a good chance we can do whatever you need, but don’t have it listed!